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Kinesiofit is an out-of-network practice, allowing Ally to spend more time with each client.

Therapists that work for in network clinics often times have to see numerous patients an hour, compromising patient care. Most in-network clinics, the patient receives about five to eight minutes of time with the actual doctor and then is handed off to the assistant or unlicensed aide. Patients are oftentimes seen more times a week and for longer periods of time for their minor condition. This is because of the lack of one-on-one attention they receive in a busy in-network setting. Many times seeing an out-of-network provider for fewer sessions actually amounts to what the patient would pay for in-network treatment for more sessions.

How valuable is your time?

New York State Direct Access Law allows the patient to come to see a doctor of physical therapy first following an injury, without the hassle of having to see a primary care doctor first for a referral. New York State allows physical therapists to see patients for ten visits or 30 days without a prescription. Save time and see your physical therapist first!